Harmony – #wordoftheyear

By: Lisa Wright Burbach

Harmony: According the American Heritage Dictionary, Harmony is: An orderly or pleasing combination of elements in a whole: color harmony; the order and harmony of the universe. A relationship in which various components exist together without destroying one another: different kinds of fish living in harmony. A relationship characterized by a lack of conflict or by agreement, as of opinion or interest: family harmony.

Another word heard used to define harmony is tranquility.

Every year I choose a word of the year, something that I will work towards, something that I want to grow and nurture in myself. This year I chose the word Harmony. I have always thought of this as a personal word, one for my own benefit during the year, but then I heard a friend talk of her word of the year and how she works to make that word effective/impactful to all she comes in contact with. She asks herself “Does my decision right now live up to my word of the year for all involved?”. I thought this was brilliant and much more loving than using it just for personal growth. I love her humility and wisdom in this choice.

Here is my intention for my word this year:

Will this action/decision/word create Harmony in me? It will mean that I won’t put myself down, allow negative self-talk, or argue with myself unproductively. I will believe in myself and look for tranquility to be the outcome of my choices.

Will this action/decision/word create Harmony with my Husband? This is actually the easiest one, we rarely argue or even disagree, but there is always room for improvement. It will mean that I will listen more deeply, I will hear his heart and respond with empathy, compassion, and love to a deeper level. I will be his champion and create an atmosphere of harmony – “a pleasing combination of elements as a whole in our lives”.

Will this action/decision/word create Harmony with my family? I have grown children and I am a grown child; this greatly changes dynamics. It means that to my children I am simply an opinion, and to my parents they are simply opinions. I don’t mean it rudely, but I mean there is no expectation of “obedience”. We should respect their options and work towards harmony. It is possible to disagree and still maintain harmony. This is the “various components exist together without destroying one another.” I will allow them to be them and I will allow me to be me, with no strife, resentment, or discord. We will have healthy boundaries and mutual respect. Of course I can’t control the mutual part, but I can control my side and I will chose to respect and watch joyfully as each person thrives as themselves. I will also know when to let go.

Will this action/decision/word create Harmony with this I do business with: customers, clients, business partners etc.? I love working with my customers, helping them create healthier lives and find joy. I will listen without judging, I will create an atmosphere of motivational interviewing, where I ask questions, reframe, and help them see successes. I will support them in their decisions and be there for them. I may sell vitamins or skincare, or cleaning products etc., but I will do this while creating a safe, encouraging, motivating atmosphere being a mentor, coach, or friend not just a salesman. For me their hearts are my primary goal, the act of becoming a customer is just an open door for relationship.

Will this action/decision/word create Harmony with my friends and all those I come in contact with? I will ask myself this question, learn to pause more, and be OK with silence if I can’t 100% say I will help foster harmony.

Will this action/decision/word create Harmony with Nature: I will remember that the earth is our to share with each other and I will reduce and reuse before considering recycling, I will educate people to make wise choices and I will remember it is an act of stewardship. One who manages another’s property, finances, or other affairs. – American Heritage Dictionary. In this case the Earth. I will enjoy nature, be in awe of the things I see and I will stop to breathe it in and listen. I will walk and spend time outdoors, and I will learn from what nature tells me. I will be in awe of the one who created it all.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that there are times when we disagree, when we will never see eye-to-eye on a topic, that’s part of life. Living in harmony says that I will rejoice for you and find peace with you even in those places. I am embracing that I don’t have to be right and I don’t even have to be understood, but I should seek harmony.

I have great expectations for peace, tranquility, and joy this year and repeatedly asking myself “Will this action/decision/word create Harmony in this situation!” I can help create a space where my expectations can be a reality. If the answer to my question is “no,” it will compel me to step back and find a better way, one that will create harmony, or whatever the current word of the year may be.

Quotes for this year:

Romans 12:8 NIV– If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.

Marcus Aurelius -He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe.

Sallust – Harmony makes small things grow, lack of it makes great things decay.

Deepak Chopra – Give up being right. Instead radiate peace, harmony, love, and laughter from your heart.’

Forrest Shaklee – Think then, of the happiness you may produce for this moment, for what you think, you look; what you think, you do, what you think you are.

Hi, I’m Lisa and I’m an Independent Shaklee Distributor and Certified Health Coach. My absolute joy is partnering with people to realize their own self value. I believe that as we love ourselves we are loving to ourselves and from there we are more able to eat well, exercise, and take care of our physical selves. It is my goal to touch the lives of others and help people live healthier lives longer!! Through Shaklee I have an excellent partner that shares my passions of environment and health and I look forward to sharing that with you.

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Why Should we Meditate?

By: Lisa Wright Burbach

Meditation; the Oxford Dictionaries defines meditation as “Think deeply or focus one’s mind for a period of time, in silence or with the aid of chanting, for religious or spiritual purposes or as a method of relaxation.” 

For many of us the idea of focusing our mind seems impossible, but I want you to think of it like any other exercise; with practice you get stronger and better.  In the words of Dr. Hedy Kober, a neuroscientis. “It did to my mind what going to the gym did to my body — it made it both stronger and more flexible,”.

Before we look at why we meditate, let’s look at how.

How to meditate:

In the beginning I recommend finding a quiet place to meditate.  As you get better at it you will find the ability to meditate in the midst of chaos and be able to use it as a tool to center yourself, but for now pick a quiet place and avoid distractions.

  1. Close your eyes; this helps with distractions
  2. Breathe naturally.  Breathing exercises are another component of meditation, but to start off with focus on just learning to still your mind.  As you breathe normally observe your breathe.  Observe the sound and the feel and feel yourself relax.  As you become more experienced you can add in deep breathing practice.
  3. Once you are settled in you have options of how you want to meditate. 
  • I often meditate  prayerfully, just being calm and aware. As I relax more I begin to let my mind calm down and feel my body release tension.
  • You can focus on your body, recognizing areas of tension. Try a different position if you need to and give yourself permission to relax those areas.
  • You can focus on your breathe paying attention to how it feels and sounds.  When your mind wanders this is a great way to bring your mind back into focus and off of the world around you. Listen to the sound in…out…in…out.
  • You can focus on your emotions, do you need to let things go. How do you feel?

These are just a few ways to get you started.  I encourage you to do some research and find a method that works for you.  Keep in mind even 1 minute of meditation has benefits.

Why should we meditate?

The body of evidence on the importance of meditation is growing rapidly within the medical community and mental health communities and we are all starting to pay attention and you, the every day average Joe or Jane can do it!  Here is some of what science is finding:

  • lower blood pressure
  • improved blood circulation
  • lower heart rate
  • less perspirations
  • lower respiratory rate
  • less anxiety
  • lower blood cortisol levels
  • more feelings of well-being
  • less stress
  • deeper relaxation
  • decreased heart rate and strength of contraction of the heart muscle
  • less oxygen demand, lessening workload on the heartdecreased rate of breathing
  • increased lung capacity
  • better digestion
  • increased hemoglobin (ability of blood to carry oxygen)feelings of calm and tranquilityhealthy immune system
  • May help with addiction, eating disorders, cognitive function and more!

These seem like excellent reasons to meditate!  Remember health is not just what you eat and how you move, but how you think and act or react as well.

Here is a great scientific look at meditation from Huffington Post.

Lisa is and Independent Shaklee Distributor and received her Health Coach Certification from the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, founded by world-renowned physician and author, Dr. William Sears. The Institute is a leader in science-based health and wellness education that focuses on the four pillars of health; Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition (L.E.A.N.). A certification by the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute is obtained only after completing the extensive course work and meeting all requirements. Once certified, a Health Coach possesses the knowledge, tools and resources to make a positive difference in the health of others.   To learn more visit http://yieldingaction.com

Van and Lisa are also Independent Shaklee Distributors. Shaklee was Green when Green was just a color! Everything we do has been designed In Harmony with Nature®. Discover our difference.

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Getting Dirty about Cleaners

I used to be a huge fan of cleaning products, I loved the smells, I loved bubbles that talked, I loved trying new ones that came out, I mean I was a household cleaner addict. Well and office supplies, but I feel OK about that one-I mean there is nothing like a clean piece of paper and a new pen- right?!! Sorry, I digress-Then I made the switch to green cleaners and I will never go back. (I’m also a fan of clean and orderly – It just makes life peaceful)

Let’s get to the dirty about cleaners.

  • Chemical pollutants have been found to be 2 to 5 times higher inside our homes than outside.
  • Statistics show that common household cleaners give off fumes that can potentially increase the risk of children developing asthma.
  • 25 million children suffer from asthma.
  • 1 in 10 school-aged kids have asthma.
  • in one decade, there has been a 42% increase in asthma ( 29% for men, 82% for women ). The higher rate for women is believed to be due to women’s longer exposure times to household chemicals. [Center for Disease Control]
  • According to the California Environmental Protection Agency Air Resources Board, indoor air pollution consists of toxic gases or particles that can harm your health. These pollutants can build up rapidly indoors to levels much higher than those usually found outdoors. This is especially true if large amounts of a pollutant are released indoors. Moreover, “tighter” construction in newer homes can prevent pollutants from escaping to the outdoors. When we clean our homes we produce large amounts of these chemicals. Picture yourself standing in your shower surrounded by chemicals. Did you know that a person who spends 15 minutes cleaning their shower can inhale 3 times the acute exposure limit?
  • Women who work in the home have a 54% higher risk of dying from cancer than women who work outside of the home because of their increased exposure to household chemicals. [Toronto Indoor Air Conference of 1990 from a 15+ year study]
  • 150 chemicals routinely found in the home have been connected to allergies, birth defects, cancer and psychological disorders. [The Consumer Protection Agency )
  • A recent study found that using regular spray cleaning products for 20 years had the same respiratory impact as smoking 20 cigarettes a day.
  • Harmful VOC’s; That “clean” smell you smell – yep, that’s them. They are in things like aerosol sprays, Oven and appliance cleaners, Air fresheners, Dishwashing liquid and detergent, Carpet and upholstery cleaners, Bleach, dryer sheets and more.

Side note – one of the worst chemicals in your home are dryer sheets

  • Studies are showing that some of these chemicals are bioacumalitve, they never leave our body. Once such worry is pfas. Scotchguard, water repellent clothing, nonstick cookware, some cosmetics, products that resist grease, water, and oil.
  • Research is being done now, but pfas are already showing up in cord blood and breast milk! It will never leave their systems.

Potential Health Issues from Indoor pollutants like household cleaners:

  • Respiratory irritation
  • Bronchitis
  • emphysema
  • Eye, nose, and throat irritation
  • Respiratory infections in children
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • More serious health issues can occur

I could go on, the data is scary and voluminous. So what can you do?


By planning ahead, making small changes, and taking safety precautions you can limit your exposure.

  • Paints, glues, and cleaning agents should be used outdoors when possible. If used indoors, adequate ventilation should be available.
  • Restrict smoking. Cigarette smoke contains many toxic pollutants that are harmful to both smokers and nonsmokers and should be restricted to outdoor areas.Use appliances properly.
  • Wood-burning stoves and fireplaces should only be used to burn wood that is properly sized and aged so as not to give off toxic fumes.
  • Pay attention to and select building materials and furniture carefully. Some types of plywood and particleboard can emit significant amounts of formaldehyde or other gaseous pollutants. Try to avoid these types of products.
  • Practice good housekeeping. Frequent housecleaning removes dust and molds to help maintain good indoor air quality.
  • Provide adequate ventilation. You can increase ventilation by opening doors and windows.
  • Use kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans that are vented to the outdoors to remove pollutants.
  • Eliminate use of toxic chemicals at home; opt for natural substitutes.

List from Shaklee.com

By choosing products that keep the health of your family and the environment in mind you are making a wise and green choice, Be a label reader, just because it says “Green” on the label doesn’t mean that it really is. Be a wise consumer and do your research.

So why did I go green with my cleaners? I care about my family’s health and the environment. It took a while to learn that clean doesn’t smell and my cleaner is concentrated and lasts a looooong time, so I had to get used to not always checking out the cleaning aisle. A side effect of eliminating those toxic chemicals is that now I can’t stand to walk past that section of the store. The smell is awful and my body is much more aware of the danger. I’d say that’s a good thing” Wisdom of the body. If a clean home and clean earth is important to you too can #maketheswitch

Obviously I’d love for everyone to use Shaklee Get Clean Cleaning Products, but even if you don’t I hope you have been convinced to have a healthier home and eliminate toxic cleaners and products from your home. #maketheswitch and tell us about it. Please feel free to comment or email me at lisa@yieldingaction.com. Visit our Facebook page Yielding Action or Instagram @yieldingaction.

Happy Safe Cleaning!

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Are you a good Garbage Disposal?

Our bodies are complex, and sometimes it can be hard to cut through all the scientific/medical jargon to truly understand what is going on. So, get ready for the simplest, most non-jargony explanation of aging you’re ever going to see:

Dr. Sears has what he calls his “sticky stuff/garbage disposal” theory of aging. Aging has two main causes: too much sticky stuff (garbage) accumulates in the body, and the body’s garbage disposal system weakens (immune system) so it can’t get rid of the sticky stuff. Health, therefore, is simply keeping the sticky stuff out of your body and strengthening your garbage disposal system.

The longer we live, the more garbage gets into our bodies through the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the stress we store. As we age, our body’s garbage disposal system (immune system) weakens. The garbage that accumulates in our bodies causes the sticky stuff to build up in our tissues. People who maintain their garbage disposal systems and put less garbage in their bodies age better than those who do not.

Three Types of Garbage: 

Oxidation: The first type of “garbage” is Oxidation. Our bodies are oxygen-burning machines. Every minute, millions of biochemical reactions throughout the body generate exhaust called oxidants, or free radicals. An easy way to think of oxidation is to think of “rust.” Trillions of times a day, this “rust” or free radicals attack our cells and tissues like little hammers.

Inflammation: The second type of “garbage” is inflammation. Inflammation literally means the body is on fire. Inflammation is the process which results from chemical messengers repairing wear & tear in the body. When the body is healthy its repair system is able to handle all of the wear & tear. Just as a well-maintained road stays smooth because the wear and tear is fixed as it occurs, a body stays healthier longer if repairs are done on a regular basis. But when the wear and tear overcomes the body’s ability to repair the damage, excess inflammation occurs. This excess inflammation is the primary cause of unhealthy aging.

Glycation: As we get older, our cells become less sensitive to insulin, this is called insulin resistance, which leaves a higher level of glucose in the bloodstream. This excess sugar in your blood attaches to proteins, changing their structure and making them stiff and sticky. These are called aging proteins, the medical term we use is “AGEs” which stands for Advanced Glycation End products. AGEs become a sludge in the tissues of your body preventing healthy growth and repair of new tissues. Common places for glycation to occur is in the linings of the arteries – causing heart disease and in the collagen in the skin – which causes wrinkles.

To learn more about “sticky stuff” and how to keep your body running smoothly schedule a Prime Time workshop with your friends or group or email me at lisa@yieldingaction.com.

Copyright: Dr. Sears Wellness Institute

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Lisa is an Independent Shaklee Distributor and received her Health Coach Certification from the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, founded by world-renowned physician and author, Dr. William Sears. The Institute is a leader in science-based health and wellness education that focuses on the four pillars of health; Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition (L.E.A.N.). A certification by the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute is obtained only after completing the extensive course work and meeting all requirements. Once certified, a Health Coach possesses the knowledge, tools and resources to make a positive difference in the health of others.

The information in this blog is educational and not meant to diagnose, treat, or mitigate symptoms.

Want to get more technical? Check out my monthly HealthQuest. Note, the data changes each month so click the link each month for new information.

Pills and Skills

What happens when people visit the doctor these days? Patients enter the doctor’s

office, get pills but no self-help skills, leave the doctor, pop the pills and return next

month for a stronger dose…and everyone just gets sicker. Does this sound familiar to


Prescription ads tells you to “Ask your doctor if this pill is right for you,” but how

often do you ask? Knowing what you’re putting in your body is important, so keep

these points in mind

  1. Different individuals require different dosages. Pills are designed and tested on averages, but that may not always represent you.
  2. Beware the cocktail effect of pills. Pills can be partnered unsafely with other drugs It’s not uncommon for people, especially as they age, to be on multiple prescriptions, but using drugs in combinations is not the way they were tested and approved. If this “cocktail effect” has never been tested, no one knows how it’s going to affect you.
  3. Is it the drug or the disease? When a person is on a variety of pills to treat different highs and lows, it’s incredibly difficult for a doctor to sort out which of the patient’s symptoms are due to the underlying illness or due to the side of effects of the pills.

So, what’s a person to do? Abandon pills? No, absolutely not! But what we, as patients need to learn is the “Pills-and-Skills Model of Healthcare.” As Dr. Sears says, “the best way to lower your pill bill is to raise your self-help skills .” The Pills-and-SkillsModel means changing your mind-set from “Doctor, what can I take?” to “Doctor, whatcan I do.”

This means, rather than listening to the pharmaceutical ads saying “Ask your doctor if this pill is right for you”, ask your doctor “What can I do to change my health and health outcome?”.

My doctor said that only about 5% of patients actually do this and make the change. Let’s change those numbers! It will require work; eating healthy foods, moving more, socializing, stress relief, and more, but those are lifestyle changes that you can learn to enjoy and is much better than living with possible side effects from medications and a shorter healthspan. You can make the change!

Do you need help making these changes? Let’s talk. Schedule a coaching session and let’s make a plan. Schedule.

adapted from Dr Sears Wellness Institute with permission

In addition to exercise and healthy diet supplementation can help fill the gaps. Ever wonder about supplementation? With a little research, you can find out which supplements are backed by clinical research and studies. Some companies also take it upon themselves to test and screen their products for safety and efficacy while others take it for granted. For example, Vitalizer™ is backed by 12 clinical studies and one of the largest nutritional supplement studies, The Landmark Study. And like all Shaklee products, the ingredients in Vitalizer are quality tested and screened for contaminants to guarantee the safety of the product.

Whether you are trying to be the healthiest you can be or address specific nutritional needs, vitamins can give you the nutrients your body may be missing. Find out which supplement is best for you!

Van and I are Independent Shaklee Distributors and love helping people live healthier lives. feel free to ask us questions – lisa@yieldingaction.com or visit our website at https://pws.shaklee.com/yieldingaction

Why Yes, Coffee is Good for Me!

When i was growing up, my grandmother (Mamame) would drink her morning coffee out a pretty china cups with a matching saucer and I would always ask for some, to which she replied “No…coffee stunts your growth”. Later…that morning….Her now cold cup of coffee would be sitting on the table and she would then let me drink it. Hmmmm I guess only hot coffee would stunt my growth?? It makes me grin just remembering.

But the truth is, it doesn’t stunt your growth or put hair on your chest (something else I was told) and with much joy several new studies have shown that coffee may actually have some health benefits. As with all things – moderation is key. So, maybe don’t drink the whole pot by yourself.

Possible Benefits:

  • Drinking moderate amounts 2-3 cups a day has been linked with longer lifespan
  • Some studies have shown the possibility of lower risk of heart disease
  • Lower risk of diabetes (Type 2)
  • Less chance of Gout
  • Lower risk of Parkinsons
  • Less risk of Liver disease
  • Improved cognitive function
  • Decreased chronic inflammation

Antioxidants are thought to be part of the reason for the health benefits, but they aren’t completely sure why. Before you get too excited, this does not include heavily sweetened, whip cream topped coffee drinks, and some studies showed espresso to be an exception. But otherwise, drink up. Well up to 3 cups.


Sources: WebMD, Harvard Health, Mayo Clinic, healthline.

Awww Nuts!!!

Awww nuts man!! I can’t eat nuts…don’t you know they are loaded with fat!! OK, Let’s talk about fat then!

  • Fat is a nutrient like protein, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins.
  • Fat is part of every cell in your body.
  • Fat supplies energy you need fat to be able to absorb certain vitamins (A, D, E, K)
  • Fat helps you have healthy skin and hair at is digested slowly, making you feel more full
  • Fat makes food taste good
  • Fat makes up 60% of brain tissue.
  • Among other things, healthy fats help your heart and your brain to function optimally, so we don’t want to avoid fats altogether.
  • Fat is needed to build cell membranes, the vital exterior of each cell, and the sheaths surrounding nerves. It is essential for blood clotting, muscle movement, and inflammation.

 You may consider skipping the nuts because of the fat content, but I’d like you to reconsider.  The main thing is moderation!  

What about Saturated Fat?

There is a lot of debate these days regarding saturated fat and some saturated fat is important to our bodies, but don’t go crazy.  Use in moderation and be wise, including coconut oil.  When possible it is probably still wise to choose unsaturated fats like olive oil and NEVER choose hydrogenated fats!!

Here is a great video from SciShow, one of my favorite resources!

One Pan Candied Nuts – The Minimalist Baker

Time: 14 minutes

Ease: simple

Review:  This is a quick and easy sweet snack.  It isn’t too sweet, just a touch.  If you are used to very sweet candied nuts, you may be a little disappointed, but it is a good treat to ease yourself into cutting back on sugars while still having a sweet treat.  It is very easy to make and would be a great gift or food to take to parties.

Make sure to taste the nuts to get the appropriate seasoning.

Roasted Curried Cashews – Eating Well Magazine

Time: About an hour

Ease: Simple

Review: Don’t think “Curry, I don’t like curry”, this snack is really different, the lemon juice gives it a tangy flavor and the curry doesn’t scream curry.  My husband who usually prefers sweet things really liked this snack.  I think it will become a regular in our home!  You could experiment with other seasonings that may go well with lemon juice, which you make a paste with.

Tips:  Different types of curry will change the flavor.  I personally like a sweet curry, but this is the basic curry from the grocery.  Try going to a spice shop and experiment with different types of curry or try making your own blend.

When looking for curry recipes to make your own spice blend try searching British sites, like BBC or Google UK.  The British know their curry!

Pistachio Pesto – Lidia’s Italy

Time: 10-20 minutes, including prep time

Ease: Simple

Review: I love pesto and as pesto goes, this is pretty good.  Watch your salt levels with this dish and taste along the way to balance the flavors; garlic, basil, etc.  The flavor is a little different and has a hint of pistachio flavor, which I don’t mind because they are basically the crack of the nut world!  The recipe is meant to be made into a pasta dish, but I used it as a spread and that worked very well.  Easy to make and a nice flavor.

Lisa received her Health Coach Certification from the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, founded by world-renowned physician and author, Dr. William Sears. The Institute is a leader in science-based health and wellness education that focuses on the four pillars of health; Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutrition (L.E.A.N.). A certification by the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute is obtained only after completing the extensive course work and meeting all requirements. Once certified, a Health Coach possesses the knowledge, tools, and resources to make a positive difference in the health of others.

The information in this blog is educational and not meant to diagnose, treat, or mitigate symptoms.

I offer individual coaching sessions and virtual health coach sessions through Zoom, if you are not local, as well as group sessions, workshops, and special events. I would love to help you on your journey towards health and wellness. Contact me for more information.

My husband and I are also Independent Shaklee Distributors to learn more visit https://pws.shaklee.com/yieldingaction – one of the leading providers of premium-quality, natural, nutrition, personal care, and household products.

Don’t forget to take you Healthprint !

All photos are by me, Lisa Wright Burbach –  Feel free to share, but please give credit to the source.  Thank you.

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Wheel of Health: Spirituality

Wellness is made up of all the different parts of our lives and works sort of like a wheel. When one area is out of balance, it is like having a flat tire, and our wheel doesn’t spin easily, causing all kinds of problems. When our life is in balance, our wellness wheel is round, spinning freely, taking us where we want to go.

The World Health Organization describes “Health” as: Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

More simply put, when our mind, body, and spirit are in order, we are in a state of Wellness or Health.

One of the tools I use as a Health Coach is a the Wheel of Health. Each segment of the wheel indicates areas that need balance. When all areas are simultaneously in balance, we are in our most Well state, barring outside factors.

One of the most overlooked segments is “Spirituality.” Studies are beginning to show a greater connection between Mind, Body, and Spirit. While there is still much to learn, these studies show that people who consider their spiritual lives as an essential part of life benefit in their bodies and minds as well.

  • Reduction in stress
  • Lower levels of depression. Primarily thought to be due to renewed hope.
  • Improved immune system
  • A greater sense of peace
  • An increased overall feeling of wellbeing in general
  • A greater sense of positivity
  • Improved coronary health
  • Increased Life Span
  • Increased Health Span
  • Reduction in pain – Chronic stress leads to inflammation, reduction in stress can reduce inflammation resulting in a reduction in pain.

In the book, The Blue Zones, author Dan Buettner discovered that all 7 of the most long-lived people groups in the world pay attention to their spiritual life and reap the benefits listed above. One thought is that the ability to relinquish stress and difficulty to a higher power allows them to reduce overall stress.

A study led by Dr. Dean Ornish studied individuals with significant coronary heart disease. This study found that the progression or regression of their heart disease was significantly impacted by their spiritual wellbeing.

What about you? What about me? I find that spirituality can be complicated in our society. I have Judeo/Christian beliefs and sometimes I may be “defined” by others as a result.

By “define,” I mean that there are times when some people may develop a preconceived “storyline” of what they think that I feel, think, or believe. When this happens, it prevents a genuine relationship from forming and creates distance.

Let’s get to know one another before writing that “storyline”. Was I kind, loving, helpful, and generous? This is what I want to be asked! It’s what I ask. This also leads to another segment in the Wheel of Health, “Social Wellness”. It all works together, including the times when we disagree.

My faith is my own. Yet…I find that I do sometimes worry about what others will think, I write my own storyline of what I think they feel about me. In many ways, I create more stress for myself in my spirituality than if I’d just embrace my own faith. Do you?

Sometimes it looks like living between the tension of these sentiments:

  • “You are too religious”.
  • “You aren’t spiritual enough”.
  • “you are intolerant”.
  • “You are too tolerant”.
  • “you aren’t open-minded”.
  • “You are too open-minded”.

If we spend our lives trying to please everyone, we will create more stress for ourselves and never “own” our own faith. We will be tossed to and fro, so to speak. This is a time when having a spiritual life will be detrimental to your health rather than beneficial. It becomes more of a set of prescriptions than a genuine spiritual life.

As you work on your Spiritual Wellness, it needs to bring you to a place of peace. This is when you begin to reap the mental and physical benefits. The bottom line is that we have to accept ourselves – all of ourselves. Your health and wellness begins here!

By the way, it also means not trying to control another person’s spirituality. If you are worried about someone’s faith position, keep in mind that love and kindness will go much farther in their hearts than anger, hatred, and rejection. It is also crucial to your own Wellness.

If your spiritual life leads to anger, hatred, wickedness, and ill-will, then I question your spiritual life. If your spiritual life leads to peace, understanding, compassion, and a willingness to serve others, then well done. You are on your road to balanced Wellness.

Lisa received her Health Coach Certification from the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, founded by world-renowned physician and author, Dr. William Sears. The Institute is a leader in science-based health and wellness education that focuses on the four pillars of health; Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutrition (L.E.A.N.). A certification by the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute is obtained only after completing the extensive course work and meeting all requirements. Once certified, a Health Coach possesses the knowledge, tools, and resources to make a positive difference in the health of others.

The information in this blog is educational and not meant to diagnose, treat, or mitigate symptoms.

Van and Lisa are also Independent Shaklee Distributors helping people live younger longer.

10 Ways to Reuse

Recycling is important, but our goal is not to recycle more but to use less. Did you know that only 9% of the world’s recyclables end up getting recycled?? The rest ends up in landfills!!

Start by asking yourself “Do I really need this?”, I know we want things, but as we get used to living a less wasteful life we find that our wants change. We simply want less stuff! Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Mason Jars! I love to keep my pantry staples in Mason Jars. I find it keeps it neat, easy to find, and helps keep pesky bugs away! We use them for leftovers, pantry items, bag clips…endless uses! Plus it looks all #mariekondo – esque! Makes my Monica side happy too – “Freinds” reference!
  2. Reusable sandwich bags. I’ve tried several brands and really love the Lunchskins bags and the Stasher bags. The Stasher bags are great for cheese and wet items. We take them hiking, store items in them, take them in the car etc. Quick tip: Use a Chalk Marker to write the contents on the bags, you can then erase it and write the next item that goes in the bag.
  3. Reusable cutlery set. My husband and I both carry a roll-up pouch that contains a spoon, fork, and chopsticks and we added a knife, metal straw, and cloth napkin over time. I really like the Numu set because the for tines stab well and are spaced far enough apart to allow for easy cleaning.
  4. Reusable water bottle!!!! This is an easy adjustment and can make a huge difference! In the US 1500 bottles are tossed a second – not day, SECOND. I like the insulated metal bottles the best, keeps my drink cool all day even in a hot car. Or hot. When I’m hiking I will take hot tea for an afternoon break. We like Hydroflask.
  5. Concentrated Cleaners As a Shaklee distributor I really appreciated products that use fewer bottles etc. By using concentrated cleaners in reusable bottles you can help keep 1000’s of plastic bottles out of landfills and hazardous waste sites. We use Basic H2.
  6. Reusable Grocery Bags, there is some debate about this. Some are concerned that the process of making the bags combined with the waste from old bags is such a large concern that it negates what we are trying to accomplish. My husband works with landfills, however, and he says plastic bags are the bane to landfills. They escape, end up in oceans, all over the landfill, and never break down. I think choosing wisely and really using them makes a difference. Quick tip: Forgot to take them into the store? Just ask the bagger to put your items straight into the cart and them bag them when you get to your car.
  7. Glass Storage Jars. Outside of Mason jars we also use rectangular storage containers for leftovers. Most have plastic lids with silicone seals, but it’s still a step in the right direction. It allows us to reuse while also guarding against leaching from plastics. The lid rarely touches anything. Plus you can safely re-heat in them and even freeze them. I like the ones from Ikea – OK…I like everything from Ikea, but thes work well and are cheapy cheapy!
  8. Make your own rags. Old clothes and towels that wear out end up in landfills. Instead, try using pinking shears and cutting them into squares to use for cleaning. We use rags instead of paper towels. It takes a little adjusting, but once you’re used to you almost forget about paper towels completely. Quick Tip: Pinking sheers (those rigged scissors that look like Jack-o-Lantern teeth) help keep the rags from getting stringy and unraveling as quickly.
  9. Reusable Make up remover pads. This is something I have come to love!! Something like this. Mine are soft and white cloth rounds and work great. They get stained after a while, especially if you use it for mascara, but they wash up well and I figure they are on display so it doesn’t matter if they get stained. But please don’t use bleach – it is a dangerous product for your health. We use Nature Bright.
  10. Cloth Napkins. We have used cloth napkins for years and I love it. Actually…be warned…it becomes a sort of addiction, like…oooooOOOO I need ones for every season!!! But we are trying to cut back right? Right? I have napkins that were my grandmother’s and my mother’s. We just keep them in a bin in the dining room and grab and go. Plus I have Nature Bright, mentioned above, and I can keep them stain-free!

Once you start reusing it becomes easier and easier and more a natural part of your lifestyle. You’ll think of many more ways to reuse every day.

Share your reusable hacks with us!

Ahhh Fresh Air: It matters for your health.

Ok…yes…I still have dishes in the sink. It’s OK, no one is perfect. But I do have my window open!! YAY – open windows make me happy!!! They also help make me healthy!!

The home is potentially the most dangerous place you go because of the high levels of indoor pollution, which are toxic gases and particles trapped in your home. They can lead to things like asthma, emphysema, eye irritation, nose irritation, throat irritation, headaches, nausea and more.

Some things you can do to help reduce the poor Indoor Air Quality in your home are switch to non-toxic cleaners like Shaklee Get Clean, keep a clean home- I know it sounds silly, but it helps…even if you don’t put your dishes away until the next morning. Use appliances properly, ditch the air freshener- really!! read all the little fine print – this stuff is dangerous! Ditch those scented candles too unless you know the wick and scent are safe, use proper ventilation and choose safer carpet and furnishings which can give off harmful VOCs and one thing that can help, in addition to these, is to open your windows.

Did you know?? The Environmental Protection Agency lists your home and office as one of the top 5 environmental health concerns??? With possible negative impacts lasting years!!

Did you know?? Consistent cleaning of your home can greatly reduce bacteria and viruses in your home without using bleach and germicides!

Did you know?? A person who spends just 15 minutes cleaning the shower with conventional cleaners could inhale 3 times the acute exposure limit!!

Opening your windows just 10-15 minutes a day can greatly reduce your poor indoor air quality (IAQ), no matter what season-even when it’s cold outside.

It’s just a few minutes, even 5 minutes helps, and won’t impact your heating or cooling bill, just your health. Why?

So throw open that sash – you know, the window, and let that air in and out!! Grandma was right!

Breathe and enjoy!

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Lisa received her Health Coach Certification from the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, founded by world-renowned physician and author, Dr. William Sears. The Institute is a leader in science-based health and wellness education that focuses on the four pillars of health; Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition (L.E.A.N.). A certification by the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute is obtained only after completing the extensive course work and meeting all requirements. Once certified, a Health Coach possesses the knowledge, tools, and resources to make a positive difference in the health of others.

The information in this blog is educational and not meant to diagnose, treat, or mitigate symptoms.

Van and Lisa are also Independent Shaklee Distributors helping people live younger longer.