Adults and Seniors



Prime-Time Health is a series of 4 workshops specifically designed for those in the prime of their life, seniors, those caring for seniors, and those who want to start early to provide themselves with a healthy future.  This course is designed learn skills which can reduce the risk of heart disease, blood pressure, and diabetes, prevent cancer, improve memory, lose weight, stay fit, reverse bone loss, rejuvenate skin, subdue stress, improve sex life, and reduce the need for medication.  

The Four Sessions:

Open Your Internal Pharmacy

  • Preventing illness and disease
  • Repairing existing damage
  • Helping the body make its own medicine
  • Heart healthy snacks
  • The Pills and Skills model of health

Make Health Your Hobby

  • Building an IRAH (Individual Retirement Account for Health)
  • How to slow down the aging process
  • Understanding autoimmune diseases
  • Label reading and ingredients to avoid
  • Healthy eating cycles

Move Waste from Your Waist

  • One simple test that can evaluate overall health
  • Movements that help heal the body
  • The best types of exercise
  • Easing pain and increasing vitality
  • Creating a movement plan that works

Live Without Pain and Inflammation

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Quality vs quantity of food
  • Top anti-inflammatory foods
  • Why we age and how to age healthily
  • How stress causes aging and ways to manage stress